Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Yacon Had Babies

Yacon, also called "Bolivian Sunroot" or "Earth Apple" is a wondrous tuber that tastes like a delicate jicama - refreshing! It grows well in California, including in the foggy outer Richmond district of San Francisco. After a harvest, the bulbs left in the ground can easily be separated and given to friends to start new plants.

My friend Noah Miller, who lives in the East Bay, just sent word about the progress of the Yacon bulb I gave him:
I decided to go digging for yacon today. Here it is, my first crunchy sweet little tuber, nestled among peas & other friends!

Pocket Seed Library may have a yacon celebration in Spring - if you have yacon stories or want to attend, let us know!

Harvest photo by Noah Miller. Yacon resembles a sweet-potato and is shown in the upper left side of the photo. More pictures of yacon are here: Life Cycle of a Yacon Plant

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Noah said...

Finally dug the whole thing up yesterday, and the taste had improved mightily! After scouting on the web, I decided to have it in a salad with apple, blue cheese, and walnuts. Pretty darn good. Actually my friend and I only got through less than a quarter of what we harvested, so I may have to find other ways of preparing it.

And now I have this enormous bulb to share! Who wants some?

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