Saturday, November 29, 2008

Report from the Frankenart Mart

Our evening at the Frankenart Mart was fantastic.

Some veteran PSL members came by (Yay for Vanessa, Lily, Megan, Michele, Kat & Redwood!) and lots of new people joined. Han and Elocin brought great seeds to share and Leslie, Zeke, and Reuben were perfect hosts.

We used the evening to make seed packets, organize our collection and . . . . reveal our newest gardening tool: a vegetable planting calendar.

It's still in prototype form and specifically for the Outer Richmond. We're refining it and can't wait to share it (and make calendars for other Bay Area micro-climates).

The planting calendar and the Tall Telephone Pea seed packet are both part of the PSL Tool Collection. Stay tuned for more information about this aspect of the library--it's crucial.

Photo by Leslie Henslee

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