Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we ate at the picnic

It was an amazing feast . . .
*Cheesey tomato rosemary gallette
*Sesame noodle salad with wheat noodles, red pepper, mushrooms & celery
*Apple fritters

*Maysoun & Tara's coleslaw
*Ivy's garden of wonder pasta salad with: translucent pink onions, Winter's kale, Paul's herbs, feta, roasted squash, toasted hazelnuts
*Chard frittata
*Locally grown onions

*Green Grape pie (vegan, in the shape of a teddy bear. See photo above!)
*Pickled eggs: Jamie's grandma Gegenhuber's recipe
*Arugula, fuji apple & cucumber salad with parmesan & lemon vinaigrette
Wild Wild Rice
*Watermelon & watermelon aqua fresca
*Mt. Diablo deviled eggs
*Apple pie
*Onion & Chevre Quiche
*Deviled eggs with mayo, chives, curry powder & cucumber
*Mt. Diablo Deviled Eggs
*Aunt Lott's Wine Drops
*Kroll Family Farm Ocean Beach Salad: arugula selvetica, astro arugula, frisee, radiccio, escarole, red sails lettuce, black-seeded simpson lettuce, deer tongue lettuce, watercress, wrinkled crinkled curly cress, giant goosefoot, alaska & buttercup nasturiums, blue & white borage flowers, violas, calendula flowers, peacock mustard (green & purple), giant noble spinach, mizuma, mizpcona, tatsoi, and black bachelor buttons

Green Grape Pie photo by LissaIvy Tiegel
Aunt Lott's Wine Drops photo by Lily (Vistalux)

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