Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Travelers from my grandmother's garden

These are all flowers my grandmother has grown from seed. The rubeckia and bee balm reseed every year and line her back porch all summer. The monk's hood is the treasure: the original was grown by my great-grandmother. My mother has a vine of it too--and my grandmother is collecting the seeds for me too. So, assuming I can make it grow, the vine will have traveled through four generation and 2,739 miles from Waneta Lake to Caton, NY to Ann Arbor, MI to Oakland, CA.

My grandmother sent me home with seeds from her rubeckia and I'll be sharing some at the picnic.


tinywindows said...

I love the idea that seeds can come with their own very personal stories!

Erin said...

I know! It was so cool to get the stories from my grandmother--she was very excited and serious about the transmission of these seeds within our family. Our own family heirlooms.

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