Monday, October 13, 2008

Portrait of a Seed Saver: Brooke

Mission District resident Brooke Budner is an urban homesteader.
Over a year ago, she looked out her window, saw an overgrown backyard, and asked her neighbor if she could start a garden there.

She recently showed me her cover crops, stinging nettle patch, and the logs she injected with mushroom spores. So cool! I interviewed Brooke last Spring and asked about alternative economies: "This year I’m bartering ginger beer for assistance with doing my taxes. I have a friend who knows how to do it. I’ll trade vegetables for help on my bike. I’ll trade salad greens for bread or coffee, or fruit from the farmer’s market where I work for some bodywork, if I need it. I’m really always looking for connections that can be made because we all do such different things in the city, and we all need everything."

I hope that people make new friends at the picnic, and that it inspires people to share seeds, skills, and sweetness.

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